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The only Ghost Tour in Pioneer Square to be awarded the Best of Seattle Tours by Expertise.com



We are very proud to have been awarded the Best of Seattle Tours by Expertise.com.  But it wouldn't have been possible with  you, our amazing guests! Thank you!

Welcome to Haunted History Ghost Tours of Seattle!


Haunted History Ghost Tours of Seattle is owned and operated by experts in Paranormal Research, Occult Studies, and Pacific Northwest History.


All of our guides are actual Paranormal Investigators or psychics and not simply actors playing a role.


Our employees possess a genuine passion for sharing their knowledge and experience with the public. We take great pride in our authenticity and love what we do!


Join us as we guide you through an exploration of Seattle's oldest neighborhoods where restless spirits still make their presence known to residents and visitors alike.


Tours are scheduled on select nights and begin inside Shawn O'Donnell's Restaurant at the base of the historic Smith Tower in Seattle's Pioneer Square.


Shawn O'Donnell's Restaurant and Irish Pub is located at 508 2nd Ave Seattle, WA 98104


Please read carefully our Ticket Page before making your reservations.


Wear comfortable walking shoes and come outfitted for the weather. This is an outdoor walking tour with a few indoor stops. If there is rain or snow you will want to come prepared.


Ghost Tours:


Our Ghost Tours are approximately 90 minutes on a walk through the heart of Seattle's oldest neighborhood.


You'll learn about the history, the people and the events which shaped the city. You'll see and hear evidence we've gathered from the neighborhood.


Evidence has been gathered from residents of the neighborhood, from our investigations and from visitors seeking confirmation of the unexplained mysteries surrounding us.


Our Haunted History Ghost Tours cover an in depth history of Pioneer Square but our primary focus lay on the hauntings and unexplained phenomenon of the neighborhood.


Our goal is to offer our guests an enjoyable evening's entertainment and education on the history and paranormal activity in Seattle's oldest neighborhood.



Family Friendly but ....


Our walking Ghost Tour is billed as “family friendly” but does cover topics such as death, ghosts, restless spirits, and some attention is paid to the criminals, lawlessness and barbaric acts committed in the area over the past century.


If words such as “Brothel” or “Death” are offensive to you this tour would not be appropriate for you.


When children are present we tailor our delivery to be mindful of their attendance however in entirely adult audiences we give our Tour Guides the liberty to speak more freely.


Though our tours are labeled as “Family Friendly” this may be a subjective term given the topics of discussion which some may feel are not appropriate for small children.  Therefore parental discretion is advised. 


If you have any questions or concerns you may speak to your tour guide before your tour or contact us here via our Contact Page.


Our Team:


Haunted History Ghost Tours of Seattle was founded by Aten. A resident of Seattle since 1987. An Ordained Minister, Occult Researcher and Paranormal Investigator.


Our team is comprised of expert Paranormal Investigators, Psychics, and Occult Researchers.

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